Creative Writing Competition – 1st trimester

penThe English Department proudly presents:

LET’S WRITE – Creative Writing Competition for 2e, 1e and Te

  • SCHOOL YEAR: 2010/2011
  • TRIMESTER: 1st
  • TOPIC: This trimester’s competition topic is: What money can’t buy…
  • DEADLINE: 6th November 2010

Three times a year you will get the opportunity to enter a writing competition! There will be a topic and a deadline – the rest is up to you! You can write anything you want: a poem, a story, a letter, a short play, an essay, a newspaper article, a dialogue …

  • You will find the current trimester topic and the deadline on the notice board next to the door to “Theatersaal”
  • Make sure you write your name and class on your paper, which you throw into Mrs. Hawke-Pasterkamp’s letterbox before the deadline.
  • The winner will be informed once all the entries have been read by the jury from the English department.

…and now: GOOD LUCK!!!

SCHOOL YEAR: 2009/2010


TOPIC: writing a story

DEADLINE: 1st March 2010

This trimester’s competition topic is to write a story based upon the following beginning, which you can download from our website