Erasmus+ project „Headlines: More than Meets the Eye“ on track

"Headlines: More than Meets the Eye" on trackThe kickoff meeting for our new Erasmus+ project took place in Saarbrücken in November. Teachers representing Finland, France, Germany, Greece, and Spain gathered around a table to prepare the activities that pupils will have to work on in cross-national teams.

The project which will last for two years will first take us to Madrid where students will have to compare how the same news is treated in the five partner countries. They will also experience the role of journalists from the inside and report on a common subject in their respective countries.

"Headlines: More than Meets the Eye" on trackThe meeting was also an opportunity to train teachers in podcasting as pupils will be asked to produce radio programmes.

The projects has many goals: introducing pupils to work in an international context, improving their linguistic and IT skills, boosting their social skills and, of course, get acquainted with the world of media, especially the way information is produced and make them aware of the ways it can prove manipulative.

» Press article in Républicain Lorrain – 6th December 2018