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Erasmus+ „The Soil under our feet“: Trip to Brussels from 15/01 to 20/01

Erasmus+ „The Soil under our feet“: Trip to Brussels from 15/01 to 20/01

Erasmus project: „The Soil Under our Feet” part 4! For the fourth time, students and teachers from DFG-LFA met our partner schools from Croatia, Greece and Spain for a mobility in Brussels.

Our project revolves around migration in Europe and we tackled some issues related to it through group activities that led the students to reflect on integration and the mixing of different cultures and backgrounds. As usual, all the activities and exchanges were carried out in English, a great way for our students to display their excellent skills.

On top of the activities, there were various visits that enabled us all to reflect on our topic, among which a workshop at the Migration Museum and a visit to the Parlamentarium.

But what makes the Erasmus projects so special are always the meetings of young Europeans, the discovery of new people and cultures, and this mobility was just as successful as the previous ones, if we go by what the students had to say about it at the end.

Here is some students’ feedback about their experience :

The people we met there are amazing. Erasmus brings so many different cultures together to see that we are no different from one another. There is a special bond created between the different nationalities, a bond that goes beyond borders, that no other school trip can provide.

Elisa, TL1

Being in a hostel with people from different nationalities made us so much closer than a regular school trip and/or Erasmus experience, we really lived with one another and that’s how you truly get to know people. I have never developed relationships with people as fast on any other trip.

Elena, TL2

It’s a bittersweet feeling to watch all the pretty relationships and discussions you had with those new friends fade and go back to their country. Moreover Erasmus is a wonderful experience to bring us all together and create a strong European unity that is useful for the future of the EU. It’s a great linguistic exchange as well that made us improve our English skills.

Finn, TS1

Erasmus brings so many kind souls together, allowing all of us to create beautiful memories and meaningful friendships that mostly last longer than the project. Exploring each other’s cultures just feels natural and allows us to open our minds and develop new, different interests.

Carla, TES

This experience was really special because we had a lot more time to spend with each other and it was really easy to organize things all together. It allows us to really discover the others and it was AWESOME how different relationships have been created. If you hadn’t had the time to talk with someone one evening we could try to socialize during the breakfast or even in the elevator (that we had to wait for so so long). It also brings us to make compromises for a common good.

Aïda-Lou, TL1