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England 2009 – Travel Diary

England 2009 – Travel Diary

England Travel Diary 2009
England Travel Diary 2009

After extremely positive experiences with the England trips in 2008 we decided to stick to this “integrated” concept and organized three trips in 2009 with almost the same programme.

The first group – 7 a / 5. bic 1 – left in April, accompanied by Mrs. Anna, Mrs. Jahns and Mr. Zurek. The second group – that’s you 7b and 5. bic 2 – left in May with Mrs. Militzer, Mrs. Monnet and Mr. Boese in charge, while Mr. Mergens, Mr. Klein, Mr. Bitterling and Mrs. Pichon went with class 7 ff and 5. 1. I’m really glad to say that everything went perfectly well and all of us – pupils and teachers alike – spent a really great and enjoyable time in “merry old England” !

Yet, there was so much to learn and experience !

Take group behaviour, for example ! Sometimes we even had to make you walk in pairs, like in times of nursery school, in order to manoeuvre you through the big London crowds ! And I know for sure that you didn’t enjoy that ! You also had to learn how to behave on guided tours, so that the guides could pass over their information. This got better and better ! But please think about one of your comments taken from the evaluation sheet : “Ich fand es nicht so gut, dass der Guide so laut redete, weil wir konnten uns kaum noch unterhalten !“
You had to find compromises with your friends and classmates, because you had to spend 24 hours together and that for eight days and nights ! We have learnt a bit about respect for others, haven’t we ?

So England 2009 was not meant to be just another holiday trip. It was meant to present the highlights of England and Leicestershire to you and give you an insight into a wonderful country, its language, its people, its history, its culture and its way of life. By the way, you have seen for yourselves, that English food is not only edible but sometimes delicious and what English schools look like. I think we all had a remarkable time !

Back home again you had to work on your lectures and travel diaries. Some of you gave me a hard time in collecting the bits this booklet is made of ! Some never handed in their work (shame on you !!! ), but the majority of you did a great job. And that’s in the end my motivation to produce this travel diary, although year for year I promise never to do it again.

Very special thanks to Gerti Militzer and Simone Monnet – and all the other teachers on the other trips – who put so much effort into returning you home safely.

And all the best to all of you who soon will start school again in completely new classes.

Marcus Boese