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Poetic experiments by students of 2L1

Poetic experiments by students of 2L1

At the end of a longer unit on poetry – including, amongst others, classic and contemporary authors, poetry slammers and hip hop artists – the students of 2L1 taught by Mr Pfefferle had their own turn at creating poetry. Enjoy reading some samples of their creative output in English:

The rain

"The rain" by Franziska Biberby Franziska Biber


some people might say you need to change
but if i’m being frank, i don’t wanna change.
cause these memories are all i will have
if people might leave or decide to stay back.
this life is all that i’ll have after all
so why should i decide to forget what once made me cry?
these memories will help me on my way
towards the end i can’t really stay
the way i was when it all began.
life sometimes just happens, right?

on wednesdays, we wear pink

when my alarm clock wakes me up on wednesday 6am
another day begins on which i’m wearing pink.
if you refuse to do so, too
you can’t sit with me.
go and find another table
where your choice of clothing is fully up to you.
no matter if fuchsia or magenta
strawberry or rosewood
watermelon or bubblegum
salmon or flamingo
what i’ll wear is to be found within this window.
every week, something new and fetch is created, based on the topic.
wearing the same thing twice makes me thaasophobic.
the plastics legacy lives on in me
as long as pink defines my tee.
cause fashion is a choice you make
and sometimes it’s a risk you take.
still, pink is worn every wednesday
no matter what my friends say

by Rebecca Wilhelm

The northern light

I exist in different colors
I’m green
I’m blue
I’m pink
No matter in what color I appear
I shine and sparkle bright
In the sky of the night
I am a northern light

Likes; or a guarantee of worthiness

Monday, 6pm I click on post.
Checked the time where my followers browse the most.
My dull eyes, locked on the screen
No notification nowhere to be seen.
1 minute, zero likes
My palms and hands drowning in sweat
“They think I’m ugly”, I start to bet.
2 minutes, zero likes
My knees keep shaking, I can’t control
Anxiety’s eating me like a black hole.
There! A little sign pops up on my display,
all of the sudden my worries go away.

by Franziska Biber

Your life

Your whole life
Someone told you what to do
Your whole life
You followed someone else´s orders
Your whole life
You only did what made others happy
This stops now
Break free from whatever holds you back
Start living your life and do what you love
Be selfish for once and think about what you need
And what makes you happy
Live every day as if it were your last
Live to the fullest
Because maybe
Tomorrow you won´t get another chance to

by Chiara Christiani

Please, leave me

I should have never let you close to me
What happened to us on this summer night by the sea
I looked at you and tried you out
I loved the taste when I touched you with my mouth
How crazy that I forgot you would kill me
Or that we would never be a he and she
How crazy that I thought you could solve my problems
Instead they became even bigger
In the technical world they would call you the trigger
I became addicted to you without noticing it
As if you fall in love with a summer hit
Now I need you all the time around me
But not because I love you, quite the opposite
I hate you, you ain’t worth more than shit.
Without you life is torturing
With you life is torturing
Cigarette, oh cigarette, my dear,
I want you to disappear.


by Mara Haubrich

Forgetting - Nothing

by Mara Haubrich


You built your empire like children do on the floor
How you prey upon the poor, you don’t care anymore
This feeling of satisfaction, you won’t give it up that easy
And so you finally lost all of your empathy, how creepy
Pure egoism has made us so blind
Mother lived a very good life until she got this disease
Eventually, this epidemic will bring her down to her knees
So it’s all senseless, we won’t change our mind
Ice melting, nature and animals exploited
Extinction of species, empathy avoided
Repetitive cries for help, but we ignore the message
Earth needs us to ease her sorrow
Her death means: There’s no tomorrow
We won the lot of this whole wonderful world in wreckage

Late night talks

Late night talks,
Long beach walks,
Or dancing along
To an old song

Makes it worth it.
To cross all our limits
Until reality hits,
And I realise it can´t stay like this

Time spent with you,
Means happinness,
Living in excess
Although it´s ephemeral.

The fear of losing a friend

Now I am standing here
Feeling fear
Will you be laughing at me?
That would be easy
I just want to be at home
Just me alone
Let me go
So I can feel the sorrow
You think you’re cool?
Well, no, you’re a fool!
I’m giving you my heart
Don’t tear it apart
I’m afraid of your reaction
Will it destroy my passion?
You’re acting weird
I’m feared
Can you explain
Because I’m feeling pain
Will this be the end?
But you’re my friend
Without you I feel lonely
Like no one knows me
You’re important to me
Please don’t ignore me
Sure you’re afraid
But like that all our memories fade!

by Lara Bischoff Jimenez


I lost hope in men
I can‘t cry no more
cried out all my tears
Sadness overwhelms
My heart got broken again
and here I am
a broken sad woman
I lost hope in men

Be Thankful

Be thankful for your look,
The time it took
To change yourself,
To convince everyone else.

It’s OK to be different
A problem which is current
Underneath this silhouette
Is the person I met

Be thankful for growing up
Puberty is just a step of make-up
Before you become an adult
Being responsible is the result

Be thankful t’go to school
Learning an entire pool
Of things you will never ever need again
Thinking this is useless, but still breaking the chain

Be thankful for your friends
Just need your knee to bend
You quickly see who they are
These people leave you a scar

Be thankful for your family
Not to be poor, rich or wealthy
But to have them on your side
In a way or another until you die

Be thankful for your high hopes
Not to be good as people told
Gone wrong and lose
Time to create some news

Be thankful to be healthy
Who knows what will happen until you’re twenty
But for now, newborn babies suffer
Must be making you tougher

Still feeling like burnt in a cage
But with age
Know, you only live once
Doesn’t matter how it sounds


Do you know that feeling?
You were lonely for a Long Time
Then: A new Person and a Meeting
A beautiful day, a lot of Sunshine

You’re hanging out, maybe eating
Maybe at the Cinema, maybe just chilling
And you Start liking her, more and more
And she starts liking you, more and more

Then there is that Point:
You can‘t wake up without her
You can‘t Walk without her
You can’t live without her

Your life is her life
And if you’re lucky, hers is also yours
But if you‘re unlucky, there is that day when she goes
And Then for a long Time, you‘ll Be lonely

My one and only

A never-ending love story
holding you in my hands
And even though I am sorry
No one else has any chance

I give you all my attention
You make me the happiest person on earth
and did I already mention?
I do really love you with all my heart!

I don’t look at others while talking
I sometimes even fall when I am walking
But why should I spend attention to the scene
when I can just look at the screen

The King on the throne
is nothing without his crown
And I hope I have shown
that I need you, my phone!

I should write a poem, for school

I should write a poem, for school
I should paint with these words like Shakespeare
I should evoke storms of emotions
Love joy sadness pride passion rage shame excitement fear anger surprise
I should satisfy our deepest yearnings
I should identify our biggest fears
I should arouse our last spark of hope
And all this at the push of a button

Even tough I´m not Shakespeare
Not even an artist
Even though I cannot fill our empty heads with some humanity

But I have to
Just have to
Because it´s for school

And this poem will get a number
This number will tell me if I passed or not
If I´m good or not
How can somebody ask for a firework when it´s not New Years’ Eve
When there is no firework to enflame
And then divide it in heaven, purgatory and hell?
How can someone get this much power?
If this someone isn´t even Shakespeare himself?
How is it possible to mark art?
There is no right or wrong
No dark or bright
Not light or shade
No first or second-class

Well, I thought I should just write a poem for school
But I don´t think that this is possible


a means of payment, but not only
a form of power if you look closely
a currency in circulation
the one true ruler of the nation
the base of everything we can relate to
the medium of exchange leading us straight to
crimes that will come back to us sooner or later
just like a boomerang from the equator
so be careful about what you consume
it causes more than you may think
but outside of your room.

by Rebecca Wilhelm