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2nde English debating contest: post-Corona edition!

2nde English debating contest: post-Corona edition!

After a (very much pandemic-induced) two-year break, the DFG-LFA debating contest in English could take place again! The first round traditionally involved all grade 10 / 2ndes classes on 21st March and saw the victory of the 2S2 and 2L1 forms.

On Friday 29th April, both teams competed for this year’s title and debated the following motion: “We should all become vegetarian”, discussing the pros and cons of a meat-free diet. The 2L1 team were the most convincing, according to the jury, although its members admitted that both teams fared really well.

Well done to each and every grade 10 students who supported their teams during the preparation and the contest! Congratulations to all 6 teams who mustered courage and talent to participate in the event! Kudos to the 2L1 winners (Lilou Adam-Kana, Alexander Bak and Lucia Lilienthal-Bermejo)! And last but not least, our warmest thanks to our lovely jury members: Donovan Murray-Guinn, Leslie Roig and Bruno von Lutz who kindly rewarded finalists and runners-up with gifts from the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut.

This event helped us revive our school debating tradition and bring to life the words of the late Desmond Tutu, who always encouraged discussions and exchanges in his fight against intolerance and conflict: “Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.“